[LAA] [ANN] VMPK & FluidSynth 0.1.0 for Meego Harmattan

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Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 11:55 am


VMPK & FluidSynth is a MeeGo Harmattan application for Nokia N9/N950
smartphones. It contains a QML based VMPK user interface bundled with
FluidSynth for sound generation.

Several enhancements have been included since the beta announced in August.

* Controllers, Bender, and Velocity values can be optionally controlled by the
* Internationalization. This version includes translations to Spanish, Russian
(thanks to Serguey Basalaev) and Czech (thanks to Pavel Fric).
* Inverted color theme. This dark color combination consumes less power,
enabling longer battery life.
* Latest FluidSynth included.

Binary packages available at the OVI Store

Sources at SourceForge.net

Screenshots in this blog post

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