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Date: Friday, January 14, 2011 - 9:42 am

Hi all,

Standing on the shoulders of giants[*], I am pleased to announce the
public release of IR, a convolution reverb in the LV2 plugin format.
Released as free software under the GNU GPL, this easy to use plugin
has been created to open the fascinating world of convolution reverb
to Linux-based audio engineers. If you use Ardour to create, mix &
produce music, you will most probably want to check out this plugin.

Assorted features:
* Zero-latency operation
* Support for mono, stereo and 'True Stereo' (4-channel) impulses
* Realtime operation
* Very reasonable CPU consumption
* Maximum impulse length: 1M samples (~22 seconds @ 48kHz)
* Loads a large number of audio file formats
* High quality sample rate conversion of impulse responses
* Stretch control (via high quality SRC in one step integrated with
impulse loading)
* Pre-delay control (0-2000 ms)
* Stereo width control of input signal & impulse response (0-150%)
* Envelope alteration with immediate visual feedback: Attack
time/percent, Envelope, Length
* Reverse impulse response
* Autogain: change impulses without having to adjust 'Wet gain'
* Impulse response visualization (linear/logarithmic scale, peak & RMS)
* Easy interface for fast browsing and loading impulse responses

IR should work on Linux with Ardour 2.8.x (x >= 11) and 3.

For further info and source code download, please visit the plugin's
homepage: http://factorial.hu/plugins/lv2/ir


[*] Fons Adriaensen (zita-convolver), Erik de Castro Lopo (libsndfile,
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