[LAA] jMax Phoenix beta 0.6 is out

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Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 8:58 am

After many month of development, we are proud to announce the version
0.6 beta of jMax Phoenix.

The major highlights for this version are:
- A first version of the puredata source compatibility kit, including
the build system and a full example of recompiled object library.
- A large set of usability bug fixed; all the bugs preventing a
smooth work flow have been fixed.
- Error handling improvements: most of the bugs and configuration
errors now results in error messages, and not unexplained freezes.
- A set of examples and tutorials has been recovered from old ISPW
archives; they are not updated to include all the major jMax
functionalities, but it is better than nothing.

Full release notes are available in the release notes section of the
projet site.

This release has been tested on Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio 10.04, Debian
5, Fedora 13 and Mandriva Spring 2010; check the installation
instruction on the projet site for specific caveats for Debian and Fedora.

The Puredata compatibility sub-project has been *very* time consuming;
in order to better manage my scarce time resources,
we need some user feedback (and possibly help) to be able to evaluate
the actual interest of pursuing this development direction.

For more information and download and installation instructions go to

For contacting the project team: contact@jmax-phoenix.org

The jMax Phoenix team

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