[LAA] rakarrack 0.5.8 (Equinox) is released

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Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 9:23 am


We are pleased to announce the release of rakarrack 0.5.8 Equinox, a summer gift. This is a major feature release, but we have also fixed many old bugs.

We know that today is a Solstice, but we think that Equinox is a better definition for this version because we have worked diligently since release of 0.4.2, and 0.5.8 for us is like the start of a new cycle in the development of Rakarrack. Releasing on a Solstice is simply because this is a good reason to celebrate if you're a musician with preference for free open source software.



New Bank File format, we include a utility "rakconvert" to convert Bank files
to the new format.

New Effects:

Valve, Dual Flange, Ring, Exciter, Expander, DistBand, Arpie, Shuffle, Synthfilter,
VaryBand, Convolotron, Looper, MuTroMojo, Echoverse, CoilCrafter,
ShelfBoost, Vocoder, Sustainer, Sequence, Shifter, StompBox, Reverbtron,

New Features:

Tap Tempo.
Upsampling using libsamplerate by Erik de Castro Lopo.
Downsample intesive CPU effects.
Upsample Waveshapper.
ACI Analog Control Interface.


M.Saw, Compress, Overdrive, Soft, Super Soft, Gard Compress, Lmt-NoGain,
Hard Compress, FET, DynoFET, Valve1, Valve2, Diode clipper.

LFO Modulation:

M.Saw, L.Fractal.


DC Offset Filter at the input.
Tuner Callibration
Auto Connect jack input ports.
GUI and bug fixes.

The rakarrack team:

Josep Andreu - Ryan Billing - Douglas McClendon - Arnout Engelen

Josep Andreu
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