[LAA] xjadeo 0.6.0 release-candidate

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Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010 - 4:57 pm

Hi *,

xjadeo is the X JAck viDEo mOnitor:
A program that displays a video clip in sync with an external time
source. Applications include: soundtrack composition/editing, video
monitoring and -installations.


xjadeo is about to reach the next milestone.

Highlights of updates:
* qjadeo native QT4 implementation
* LTC sync support
* "art installation" mode (time-map, frame-crop)
* x-platform support (runs on all OS that jack2 does)
* rewritten manual
* development moved to git
* ...

If you have a minute: please test! Should be easy enough: Thanks to
Alessio Treglia it is already available in debian/sid and ubuntu/natty.

Are you tired of whining about not being able to cooperate with a FLOSS
project because you can't code..? Well, here's your chance:

* We are thinking it is about time xjadeo has a stronger, more
distinctive logo, and are also looking for a "Made with xjadeo" logo for
film credit rolls.

* We'd appreciate very much if you - preferably a native English
speaker - would help to proof-read the new manual.

more information about these be found at:

Luis & robin
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