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Date: Saturday, November 13, 2010 - 4:56 pm

http://gjacktransport.sourceforge.net/ is a tool that provides graphical
control over JACK-transport [1].

It features
- customizable keyboard shortcuts
- custom start/end markers for transport slider.
- memory presets for start/end markers.
- flexible layout & window
- (optional) session-management via LASH.
- load/save current settings from a custom resource-config file.
- Big Clock display (gjackclock)

and is intended for JACK apps which do not themselves provide a timeline
(fi. ecasound, xjadeo,..) and to supplement other apps which do (fi.
ardour, hydrogen, seq24,..).

New in 0.5.0 are *.desktop files (to launch it from the menu) and
and overhaul of 'gjackclock'. The timecode can be rendered in using a
fixed-space table which allows to use non-monospaced fonts for the display.


[1] JACK provides a transport interfaces for starting, stopping and
repositioning a set of clients:

Robin Gareus mail: robin@gareus.org
site: http://gareus.org/ chat: xmpp:rgareus@ik.nu
blog: http://rg42.org/ lab : http://citu.fr/

Public Key at http://pgp.mit.edu/
Fingerprint : 7107 840B 4DC9 C948 076D 6359 7955 24F1 4F95 2B42
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