[LAA] NJL + VCF LADSPA plugins ported to LV2

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Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009 - 9:19 am

NJL LADSPA plugins ported to LV2

source code: http://www.jwm-art.net/lv2/njl-lv2-0.0.3.tar.gz

the set consists of:
--> IEEE floating point noise generator
--> Integer noise generator
--> Risset Scales tone generator
--> Experiments in Representation.

VCF LADSPA plugins ported to LV2

source code: http://www.jwm-art.net/lv2/vcf-lv2-0.0.2.tar.gz

This package fixes the ID problems and the "in-place broken" problems
present in the current LADSPA VCF plugins.

the set consists of:
--> a Bandpass filter 1
--> a Bandpass filter 2
--> a High Pass filter
--> a Low Pass filter
--> a Resonant Low pass filter
--> a Notch filter
--> a High Shelf filter
--> a Low Shelf filter
--> a Peaking EQ filter

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