[LAA] [ANN] guitarix-0.04.6-1 release

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Date: Monday, June 29, 2009 - 11:08 am

guitarix is a simple Linux Rock Guitar amplifier and is designed to achieve nice thrash/metal/rock/blues guitar sounds.
Guitarix uses the Jack Audio Connection Kit as its audio backend and brings in one input and two output ports to the jack graph.

Release 0.04.6-1 comes with some major changes:

* Build environment and source code changes:
- use of the python based waf build system.
- use of the boost library for command line options.
- various code cleanups and source tree restructuring

All this has been done by our new project member James Warden.

* Audio effect and modeling:
- new tube model
- fuzz

Please read the README for more details regarding the new
build process and the command line options.

have fun

The standalone version of guitarix is based on GTK2+. But guitarix is also released as a suite of LADSPA plugins and can be used in e.g. ardour.
guitarix is licensed under the GPL.

Project page with screenshots:


For capture, guitarix uses the external application 'jack_capture' (version >= 0.9.30) written by Kjetil
S. Matheussen. If you don't have it installed, you can look here:


For extra Impulse Responses, guitarix uses the convolution application 'jconv' created by Fons Adriaensen. If
you don't have it installed, you can look here:


I(hermann) use faust to build the prototype and will say
thanks to

: Julius Smith

: Albert Graef

: Yann Orlary

regards hermann & James

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