[LAA] Strasheela 0.9.10 released

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Date: Sunday, March 29, 2009 - 12:47 pm

Dear all,

Strasheela is a highly expressive constraint-based music composition
system. Users declaratively state a music theory and the computer
generates music which complies with this theory. A theory is
formulated as a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) by a set of
rules (constraints) applied to a music representation in which some
aspects are expressed by variables (unknowns). Music constraint
programming is style-independent and is well-suited for highly
complex theories (e.g. a fully-fledged theory of harmony). Results
can be output into various formats including MIDI, Lilypond, and Csound.

This release fixes a serious bug: before, Strasheela only worked when
IOzSeF (an Oz extension for constraint solvers) was installed. It
simplifies the installation on Windows by providing an installation
batch file. It also adds a collection of ready-made constructors for
musical segments such as contrapuntual lines, homophonic chord
progressions, or specific motifs, and adds a number of harmony-
related constraints. Further additions and bug fixes have been made
as well.

For more information on Strasheela, please visit

Changes are described at

This release can be downloaded from:


Torsten Anders
Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research
University of Plymouth
Office: +44-1752-586219
Private: +44-1752-558917

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