[LAA] [ANN] JACK 0.116.2 + D-Bus

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Date: Friday, February 6, 2009 - 6:59 pm

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Tarball containing D-Bus patched jack 0.116.2 is available here:


D-Bus modifications add optional autodetected support for the D-Bus
based server control system.

D-Bus is object model that provides IPC mechanism. D-Bus supports
autoactivation of objects, thus making it simple and reliable to code a
"single instance" application or daemon, and to launch applications and
daemons on demand when their services are needed.

* Simplified single thread model for control and monitor
applications. Various D-Bus language bindings make it trivial to
write control and monitor applications using scripting languages like
Python, Ruby, Perl, etc..
* JACK has log file (~/.log/jack/jackdbus.log) that is available for
inspection even when autoactivation happens because of first JACK
application is launched.
* There is real configuration file used to persist settings that can be
manipulated through configuration interface of JACK D-Bus object.
* Improved graph inspection and control mechanism. JACK graph is
versioned. Connections, ports and clients have unique (monotonically
increasing) numeric IDs.
* High level abstraction of JACK settings. Allows applications that can
configure JACK to expose parameters that were not known at compile
(or tarball release) time.

Currently there are some minor differences between jack1 jackdbus and
jack2 jackdbus:
* There is no parameter constraints support (no enums and no ranges)
* No get client pid function (probably affects lash)
* Settings file (in ~/.config/jack/) is conf-jack1.xml instead of
conf.xml, because jack1 and jack2 settings and not really compatible.

When configured with D-Bus support, jack_control is
installed. jack_control is simple commandline interface for jackdbus.

Other tools that can communicate with JACK through D-Bus:
* LADItools (tray icon, configuration, etc.)
* Patchage (and lpatchage too)
* LASH 0.6.x (may not work properly with jack1 jackdbus implementation)

Nedko Arnaudov

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