[LAA] [ANN] jack_capture V0.9.36 and Ceres V0.48

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Date: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 11:47 am

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jack_capture is a program for recording soundfiles with jack. Its default
operation is to capture whatever sound is going out to your speakers into
a file, but it can do a number of other operations as well.

0.9.32 -> 0.9.36
* Add support for OGG (requires sndlib>=3D1.0.18)
* Check if file format is supported by sndlib before creating file
* Added auto-support for WVE, MPC2K and RF64. (untested)
* Reset terminal colors when exiting.
* Check dependencies for various programs in the Makefile
* Tried to make it even more clear (if that's possible) that
'jack_capture --port system:playback_1 --port system:playback_2'
does exactly the same as the default.
* Added untested patch from Orcan Ogetbil to make jack_capture compile on
a ppc64 platform.
In case jack_capture is ran on a ppc64 platform, a warning is printed
during runtime.
* Clearing up licenses
* A fix for open() from Florian Faber.
* A couple of gui fixes from Orcan Ogetbil.

Ceres is a large program for doing various sound effects in the frequency=
domain and displaying sonograms. The program has been developed for about
13 years, and is mainly made by =D8yvind Hammer with contributions from=20
Jonathan Lee, Stanko Juzbasic and many others.

0.46 -> 0.48:
-Various fixes to make it build with fc11
-Include openmotif to make it easier to build
-Various makefile fixes

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