[LAA] news: Loomer VST plugins and the pizmidi plugs

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Date: Monday, January 12, 2009 - 4:58 pm


While browsing KVRAudio I happened to find news of the release of three
new VSTs for Linux (native .so format) from Loomer :


Aspect is a polyphonic synth. Resound is a delay/echo unit, and Manifold
is a harmonizer. They're available as plugins or standalone versions,
they support ALSA and JACK audio/MIDI connectivity (including JackMIDI),
and all appear to have been created with the JUCE framework. I checked
out the demos for Aspect and Resound, they worked very well in their
standalone versions.

Please note that these are commercial products, prices can be found on
their Web site. Also note that I have nothing to do with Loomer, they
don't even know I'm posting this announcement.

Fans of native Linux VST plugins might also be interested to known that
the pizmidi plugin collection was updated in December. These free
plugins (source on request) are some of the most useful helpers in my
MIDI work, you can check out the variety here :


Piz has added some neat new plugins, they all work perfectly in the JOST
system. No standalone versions, sorry.

Again, I have nothing to do with the creation of this software beyond my
work with them as a user.



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