[LAA] DSSI 1.0 release; FluidSynth-DSSI, hexter, Xsynth-DSSI updates

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Date: Monday, January 12, 2009 - 4:58 pm

Announcing the DSSI Soft Synth Interface version 1.0 release:


DSSI is an audio plugin API for software instruments and effects,
based on LADSPA, the ALSA sequencer event types, and OSC (Open
Sound Control) communications.

DSSI is now supported by six full-featured hosts, several
specialized hosts, and at least twenty-two DSSI plugins. (See the
above URL for a list.)

This release contains one small addition to the DSSI API itself,
allowing for communication of the sample rate to DSSI UIs. Since the
DSSI API has been stable now (with minor additions) for four and a
half years, and since most active interest in further extending a
Linux softsynth plugin standard has been absorbed by the LV2
project, it seems appropriate to call this release "version 1.0".

In addition to the API addition, code and documentation updates have
been made in the DSSI release itself, and in FluidSynth-DSSI,
hexter, and Xsynth-DSSI. New versions of each are available at the
above URL. Specific changes include:

DSSI 1.0.0:
* Addition to API of the new 'sample-rate' OSC method.
* Addition of a Karplus-Strong example synth.
* Documentation improvements.
* Updates for newer gcc/glibc, for Mac OS X, and for newer JACK.
* Addition of man pages thanks to Mark Hymers and Debian.

FluidSynth-DSSI 1.0.0:
* Fixed a bug that caused distorted sound when hosted by Aldrin.
* Updates for Mac OS X.
* Changed GUI to handle (ignore) the 'sample-rate' method.
* Added '-test' option to allow testing the GUI without a host.

hexter 0.6.2:
* Updates for newer GTK+.
* Changed GUI to handle (ignore) the 'sample-rate' method.

Xsynth-DSSI 0.9.2:
* Updates for newer gcc/glibc, RPM-based distros, Mac OS X, and
newer GTK+.
* Changed GUI to handle (ignore) the 'sample-rate' method.
* Added '-test' option to allow testing the GUI without a host.


Sean Bolton

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