[LAA] [ANN] jack_capture V0.9.30 and Rollendurcmesserzeitsammler V0.0.7

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Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - 12:15 pm

Download from http://www.notam02.no/arkiv/src/?M=D

jack_capture is a program for recording soundfiles with jack. Its default
operation is to capture whatever sound is going out to your speakers into
a file. (But it can do a number of other operations as well...)

This version includes Hermann Meyer's jack_capture_gui2 program.
"jack_capture_gui2" is a nice graphical frontend
for for jack_capture with lots of options.
Many thanks to Herman for the contribution.

Changes 0.9.23 -> 0.9.30:
*Added Hermann Meyer's jack_capture_gui2 program.
jack_capture_gui2 is a nice graphical frontend
for for jack_capture with lots of options.
Many thanks to Herman for the contribution.
*Don't exit in case port is not found.
*Print runtime warning and error messages on top of the
console to avoid printing the console meter yet another time.
(it's much prettier also)
*Fixed a bug that could cause (and especially after the switch
from calloc to my_calloc apparantely) segfault when specifying
--port more than once. Thanks to Peder Hedlund for spotting
the bug.
*Print error instead of segfaulting when a specified jack port
does not exist.
*Removed -g option and changed -O0 to -O2. (Oops, don't know
how long that's been there)
*Make sure the stop semaphore is initialized before it might
be called.
*Changed the --recording-time / -d option to record exactly the
correct number of frames. (The format for the option is still
in seconds though). This fixes the problem where the wall
clock and the soundcard clock drifts apart.
*Always increase the buffer size with 2 seconds when more than
than half the buffer is used, unless maximum buffer size is reached.
*Added the --maxbufsize / -MB option which sets maximum buffer size.
Default value is 40 seconds.
*Decreased the default buffer size from 20 to 10 seconds.
*Changed internal data representation from lockless ringbuffer to
lockless lifo and fifo stacks. Unmodified lifo/fifo code taken
from midishare. (Copyright Grame 1999-2005)

Rollendurchmesserzeitsammler v0.0.7
The Audio Rollendurchmesserzeitsammler is a conservative garbage
collector especially made for running inside an audio DSP thread.

0.0.5 -> 0.0.7
* Cleaned up source a bit.
* Fixed a bug in "tar_entering_audio_thread"
which caused it to return false if currently copying a different heap.
* Cleaned up the critical section handling between the DSP thread and
the sweep thread. (it was really messy)
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