[LAA] Patchage 0.4.2

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Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - 12:15 pm

Patchage is a graphical modular patch bay for audio/MIDI systems
based on JACK, LASH, and ALSA.

This release adds:

- Support for the new LASH D-BUS interface (currently LASH SVN only)
- Improved LASH GUI (from Nedko Arnaudov's ladi-patchage branch)
- Quick/easy connection of groups of ports in one action
(select all the ports and press enter)

Also released in parallel are the two libraries Patchage depends on,
raul 0.5.1 and flowcanvas 0.5.1.

More information, screenshot, downloads, etc. available at:

Packages for all 3 projects are available for Debian unstable (sid).
For repository details see http://wiki.drobilla.net/Debian



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