[LAA] Sources of Paul "mda" Kellett's plugins have been released

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Date: Sunday, June 22, 2008 - 1:31 pm

Hi list,

not sure if this was mentioned here before (I hardly find the time to read
the LA* lists regularly these days), but someone from IRC let me know that
the VST/VSTi plugin suite by Paul Kellett has been released by its author
as source, see here:


I don't have a Windows-based audio system so I cannot judge about the
quality of his plugins, but I am pretty confident (from what I know and read
about his work) that these could be pretty fine, perhaps an interesting
alternative or addendum to, say, the swh-plugins. Should be a cornucopia for
interested LADSPA/LV2 porters, anyway :-). As it seems, there is already a
binary of a ported package at http://linux-vst.com/download/mda_linux.tar.gz

No idea who managed to convince Paul to do this, but big thanks to both
of you for arranging this! This should be a quite valuable resource, for
DSP coders and finally also for users.

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