[LAA] NASPRO 0.1.0 released

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Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - 9:59 am


(Sorry for cross-posting) I'm happy to announce the first
"development" (unstable) release of NASPRO (v. 0.1.0).

NASPRO (http://naspro.atheme.org) is a free, powerful, reusable,
modular, real-time capable, thread-safe, scalable, standard-agnostic,
cross-platform framework for digital signal processing, especially
focused on sound processing.

ts main aim is to give audio application developers a full-featured,
yet scalable, high-performance and integrated tool to make use of
virtually any external sound processing component (including, but not
limited to, LADSPA/DSSI, LV2, VST, AudioUnits and DirectX plugins) via
a single, fully transparent and platform-independent API.

So, an application using NASPRO will be capable of running
simultaneously and exchange data among sound processing components
which would be normally incompatible, without even having knowledge of
what kind they actually are.

The current release only supports LADSPA 1.1 and Audacious'
EffectPlugin API. In fact, it was meant as a prototype/demo to be
shown to other developers for involvement.

So, the purpose of this release is not to show a gorgeous API and/or a
super-fast implementation, but it actually a proof-of-concept and a
starting point for further development.

The NASPRO project is open to everyone developing in the audio field
and feedback is very welcome in all cases.

Best regards,

Stefano D'Angelo
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