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Date: Saturday, March 1, 2008 - 12:24 pm

Amuc (the Amsterdam Music Composer) version 1.6 is available now.
This version is aiming more at "real composers", who are not supposed
te be computer geeks also. So more menu's and less need to use the
command line. Also a Debian package is available, so you don't need
a development environment in order to install Amuc. It is available
from sourceforge or from Amuc's homepage:


Here you also can find some demo songs and the manual.

Amuc is a light-weight tool for composing and playing music.
'Light-weight' in the sense of not needing graphical or other toolkits.
It is very fast and offers useful features to help the inexperienced
composer. It also incorporates a pitch extractor, translating a wave
file to notes.

Wouter Boeke
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