[LAA] QM Vamp Plugins v1.4 now available

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To: <linux-audio-announce@...>
Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 - 8:46 pm

[Note: this announcement is about closed-source software]

Version 1.4 of the QM Vamp Plugins -- a set of audio analysis plugins
in the Vamp plugin format, developed at the Centre for Digital Music
at Queen Mary, University of London -- is now available for download.

This release is a major update including new plugins and numerous bug
fixes. Note onset detector, beat tracker, tempo estimator, key
estimator, tonal change detector, structural segmenter, timbral and
rhythmic similarity, chromagram, constant-Q spectrogram, and MFCC
calculation plugins are included.

For downloads, please see:


The plugins are available in binary form only and may be freely used
for any purpose, and redistributed for non-commercial purposes only.
Supported platforms are 32- and 64-bit Linux, 32-bit Windows, and OS/X
10.4 or newer (Intel/PPC universal).

For more information about Vamp plugins, please see


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