[LAA] [ANN] Aqualung 0.9beta9.1 released

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Date: Thursday, February 14, 2008 - 7:46 pm

The Aqualung development team is pleased to announce the latest
release of the Aqualung music player.

Aqualung is an advanced music player originally targeted at the
GNU/Linux operating system, today also running on FreeBSD, OpenBSD and
Microsoft Windows. It plays audio CDs, internet radio streams and
podcasts as well as soundfiles in just about any audio format and has
the feature of inserting no gaps between adjacent tracks.

The ChangeLog is included below.

Please note that our website has moved to http://aqualung.factorial.hu
Please update your links and bookmarks.


2008-02-10 Tom Szilagyi

* Aqualung 0.9beta9.1

This is a bugfix, stability and performance oriented release also
containing a few updates to existing functionality. By using this
version, your Aqualung will be more stable, and in some cases
significantly faster. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

The project homepage has moved to http://aqualung.factorial.hu
Please upgrade your pointers and bookmarks.

Notable changes:

* Playlist code refactoring for improved performance. Please note
that incompatible changes have been made to the playlist format:
this means that your old playlists won't be parsed, you'll have to
re-create them.
(NOTE: Music Store contents are unaffected. If we ever change the
Music Store format in a backward-incompatible way, we will provide
tools to migrate your precious store data.)

* Fix threading problems that caused random crashes for some users.

* Fix lurking bug that sometimes resulted in getting stuck at the
beginning of a track when Sinc interpolator sample rate converters
were used.

* Modified the way of opening ALSA output to achieve non-exclusive
driver access.

* New, more versatile title string generating templates. Make sure
to check the documentation.

* Added option to periodically save playlist.

* Several fixes concerning command line file and playlist loading,
esp. with the -L flag.

* Better metadata handling for external files in playlist.

* Increment CDDB revision number on resubmitting an existing
disc. This is essential for correcting existing CDDB entries,
otherwise the CDDB server rejects the submission. The latest CVS
version from http://libcddb.sf.net is required for this to work
(Aqualung-Win32 is built with this version).

* OpenBSD-related portability fixes. Aqualung should now compile
cleanly and be fully functional OOTB on OpenBSD 4.2.

* Updated German, Hungarian and Italian translations. Added
Russian translation.
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