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Date: Monday, December 29, 2008 - 7:08 pm


As you may know there exists a cross-platform graphics library called SDL.
It is mainly used for games, but it is excellent for normal app's also.
Some time ago I wrote a GUI toolkit on top of SDL, called SDL-widgets.
It is far from complete, because I focussed on 2 example audio applications,
that might also be of interest for visitors of this newsgroup.

The first example app is called make-waves. It can:
- draw waveforms to the screen, modulate them by each other, you can listen
to the result,
- draw a physical model of a string or a spring that you can listen to and
animate with the mouse,
- draw and edit the harmonic spectrum of a sound,
- display the frequency curve of digital filters, that you also can plug in

The 2nd example app, wav2spectrum, can read a wave file and perform FFT
analysis on it. You can scroll through the cached waveform chunks and FFT
spectra easily.

I tried to document the toolkit and the examples fairly well, so maybe
they have some use for others as well. You can get it from:


Kind regards,
Wouter Boeke
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