[LAA] Calf Audio Plugin Pack 0.0.17 released

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Date: Sunday, November 30, 2008 - 11:49 am

The version 0.0.17 of Calf Audio Plugin Pack has been released. This is
the first release after Calf team gained a second plugin developer, Thor
Harald Johansen.

Calf is a set of open source instruments and effects for digital audio
workstations. Multiple plugin interfaces are supported: LV2, DSSI, JACK
(standalone application) and, for slightly outdated hosts, LADSPA.

The plugins are equipped with GTK+-based graphical user interfaces. Some
of these interfaces contain live (and accurate) graphs for easier
control over parameters. Unfortunately, that functionality is only
available in standalone version, or LV2 versions when used with Ardour
2.7, Zynjacku or LV2Rack.

Calf contains the following effects and instruments:
- (new in 0.0.17) smooth-sounding dynamic compressor
- (new in 0.0.16) multi-tap chorus
- organ-like polyphonic synthesizer
- a simple monophonic subtractive synthesizer
- tape-like delay
- reverb
- multimode filter with parameter smoothing (inertia)
- flanger
- phaser

Example screenshots:


Recent versions of Calf also contain a set of about 50 plugins for
modular LV2 hosts (like Dave Robillard's Ingen). Logic gates and
flip-flops, basic filters, oscillators, multiplexers, arithmetic
operators - and other building blocks for creating interesting patches.

The source version of Calf can be downloaded from the following page:

Calf home page:

The Calf Team

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