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Date: Friday, November 21, 2008 - 3:22 pm

After a frenetic month getting things ready for the SAE version of
Ardour, I am happy to announce the public release of Ardour 2.7. For
the first time this includes public versions for OS X

Intel: http://releases.ardour.org/Ardour2-Intel-4225.zip
PPC: http://releases.ardour.org/Ardour2-PPC-4225.zip

as well as our usual source tarball:


This release is dominated by dramatic improvements in OS
X GUI performance and startup time, but it also contains a lot of
significant bug fixes. However, somewhat to my surprise, Ardour also
accumulated quite a lot of nice new features since 2.6.1 as you
can see below.


Overall dramatic improvements in OS X GUI performance
New action to rotate editor/mixer window stacking
New action to cycle through mouse modes
Plugin windows can now have keyboard focus locked to them
Add missing extensions to exported files based on selected file type
Loop/Range ruler now visible by default
Default crossfade is now -3dB cut
Crossfade presets changed to include -6dB cut and two S-curves
(icons sadly not changed yet)
New support for Wiimote control (experimental, disabled by
default, and not possible on OS X)
Selected tracks are always visible when scrolling through with
select-next-track or select-previous-track
Skip non-active and hidden tracks with select-previous-track and
Several new tooltips all over the place and better tooltip colors
On OS X, Button2 can be emulated with Ctrl-Option-Button1
Busses are never auto-connected to physical inputs
Unmodified clicking in canvas rulers now sets playhead position,
similar to existing behaviour in the "real" rulers. Use Ctrl-
(Linux) or Command (OS X)-click/drag for new markers/ranges.
Crossfade-editor specific keybindings: space => play xfade,
left-arrow => play fade out,
ctrl-left-arrow => dry fade out,
right-arrow => play fade in,
ctrl-right-arrow => dry fade in
Drag-n-Drop from OS X Finder now more reliable but no longer
supports MP3 or AAC (will be reverted in the future)
Start position and Sync position clocks added popup region editor
Better stay-on-top behaviour for certain windows
LV2 port notification fix for GUI updating
New German translation
New post-export nag screen
Per-track OSC control of solo/mute/rec-enable and gain


Removed suggestion that users can save while disconnected from JACK
Corrected reversed handling of "show-editor-mixer" state on startup
Fixed crasher caused by changing gain with transport stopped &
panner bypassed
Correct reverse logic for making h/w monitoring available given
h/w capabilities
Fix confusing relabelling of plugin bypass button
Prevent double registration of ALSA sequencer ports
Correctly initialize JACK timeout parameter when starting JACK
Ignore triple-clicks on mute/solo/rec-enable button
Momentary solo/mute now works
Fix serious error when calculating interpolated Curve values
(will cause tiny, almost certainly undetectable changes in
automation and fade curves, but may also remove clicks)
Fix quoting in TOC files
wrap PBD::Thread... signals in a mutex to avoid crashing during
startup as multiple threads "emit" the signal
Make comboboxes a little bigger on X11
B|B|T clocks measuring duration now use zero-based values
New regions created by AudioFilters (Reverse/TimeFX/Transpose)
inherit all relevant settings of their ancestor
Fix for incorrect reading of fade out curve under a few
Catch exceptions while loading AudioUnits
Correct some glitches with playhead motion when looping/reversing
Fix failure when opening a session by double-clicking the session
file icon (OS X)
Fix loss of "current dialog" tracking when exiting a dialog via a
button (could cause crash on next Ctrl-w)
Detect no-installed-JACK on OS X to avoid silent crashes for
new users


GTK/OSX patch now in SVN
Check build host for broken mutex-based glib atomic ops
Two versions of clearlooks now in SVN - older, for X11 (crisp!),
and newer for OS X (faster!)


MASSIVE thanks to Nick Mainsbridge who, with the financial support of
SAE and his own dedication to the cause, pulled off a minor miracle
with OS X GUI performance, as well as many SAE-specific fixes and

Other work and fixes: Sampo Savolainen, Don Fredricks, Krzysztof
Foltman, Dave Robillard, and the plumber himself, Paul Davis

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