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Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2008 - 9:39 pm

Announcing the first stable release of the LV2 specification.

LV2 is a simple but extensible successor of LADSPA, intended to address
the limitations of LADSPA which many applications have outgrown. By
creating LV2 "extensions" (which can be done independently), virtually
any feature is possible for LV2 plugins and hosts.

This release (revision 1) has been in active use by many projects for
several months, including several extensions for advanced features
beyond the capabilities of LADSPA or DSSI.

Strong long-term compatibility is a primary goal of LV2: all future
revisions of LV2 will remain backwards compatible with previous

All the components of the "core" LV2 specification are packaged here:


Distributions are encouraged to include this package.

More information, downloads, and links to LV2-using projects can be
found at:


Happy hacking,

~ The LV2 team

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