[LAA] [ANN] jackmix 0.4 "JackMix (Un)l(e)ashed"

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Date: Sunday, September 2, 2007 - 4:31 pm

Hi all,

=46rom the "doing-my-exams-I-need-a-break"- and the "long-long-time-ago"-de=
comes the next release of JackMix.

Whats new since 0.3?

Since 0.3 can save its own state (and load it again) it was only a small st=
to include lash-support. Well, it took some time after the last release but=
thats because I had to be real busy for work and university. And it seemed =
be a bug somewhere in the new lash-part but currently I can't reproduce it,=
so I think I just release this version before it gets really old...

Visit http://www.arnoldarts.de/drupal/?q=3Dnode/600 to find more. See
http://www.arnoldarts.de/drupal/?q=3DJackMix:screenshots for
screenshots or just download the package from

Have a nice week,

visit http://www.arnoldarts.de/
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to all your contacts.
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administrator to do so...

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