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Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - 3:40 pm

This is to announce the new version of Amuc - The Amsterdam Music Composer:


Amuc is a light-weight tool for composing and playing music. 'Light-weight' in
the sense of not needing graphical or other toolkits, however it's very fast
and offers useful features to help the inexperienced composer.

Via the website you can listen to 'Angry And I Like It', which I composed for
the bigband I am playing in. It was created in Amuc, sent as a MIDI file to our
conductor who modified it (using Cubase), also adding bass and guitar, then
sent it back to me. I created score sheets for all of our musicians. Now I have
simplified the piece somewhat in order to make it sound better with synthesized
instruments, and that's the version you can listen to.


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