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Date: Monday, April 23, 2007 - 7:33 pm

Hi everybody,

I am proclaiming the birth of a new (small) project: OSC for Qt4 (ofqf)!

Quicklink to the download:=20

=46rom the ofqf-page (http://www.arnoldarts.de/drupal/?q=3Dnode/573):

ofqf is a native OSC implementation in Qt4. Native means that ofqf doesn't=
depend on other external libs (except for QtCore and QtNetwork) and ofqf=20
isn't just a wrapper around liblo or something.

=3D Why shoud I use ofqf? =3D

If your app is using Qt, you do have several choices for OSC, but all invol=
wrapping external libraries with some QObject so you can use signals/slots =
communicate with the rest of your app. In that case you will want to use=20

=3D Show me examples! =3D

=3D=3D server =3D=3D
A simple OSC-server that can be shut down by the osc-message "/quit" is the=
QOscServer* s =3D new QOscServer(
PathObject* pathquit =3D new PathObject(
pathquit, SIGNAL( data() ),
QCoreApplication::instance(), SLOT( quit() )

Thats it on the server side...=20

=3D=3D client =3D=3D
A simple client to stop that server on button-click:=20
int main( int argc, char** argv )
QApplication* app =3D new QApplication( argc, argv );

QPushButton* btn =3D new QPushButton( "Quit the server and this cli=
0 );

QOscClient* c =3D new QOscClient( QHostAddress::LocalHost, 5000, ap=
p );
PathObject* pathquit =3D new PathObject( "/quit", QVariant::Invalid=
c );

QObject::connect( btn, SIGNAL( clicked() ), pathquit, SLOT(=20
send() ) );
QObject::connect( btn, SIGNAL( clicked() ), btn, SLOT( close() );

return app->exec();

=3D Download =3D

Grab the sources of version 0.1.1 from here:=20

=3D Installation =3D

Building the lib and the samples is done with calling "scons".=20
If you want to install lib, headers and pkg-config-file you have to use "sc=
install" which installs by default to /usr/local. To select another prefix=
you have to use "scons install PREFIX=3D".=20
To uninstall the installed files use "scons -c install" or, if you used you=
own prefix, "scons -c install PREFIX=3D".

visit http://www.arnoldarts.de/
Hi, I am a .signature virus. Please copy me into your ~/.signature and send=
to all your contacts.
After a month or so log in as root and do a rm / -rf. Or ask your=20
administrator to do so...

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