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Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2007 - 5:14 pm

Mammut will FFT your sound in one single gigantic analysis (no windows).
These spectral data, where the development in time is incorporated in
mysterious ways, may then be transformed by different algorithms prior to
resynthesis. An interesting aspect of Mammut is its completely
non-intuitive sound transformation approach.



Changes 0.57 -> 0.59
-Added workaround for rare sound corruption bug.
-Added the "Redo it!" buttons. (The same as pressing "Undo" + "Do it!")
-If playing while pressing a "Do it!" or "Redo it!" button, continue
playing after processing as well.
-Added the "Random Phases" toggle button in the "Multiply Phase" dialog.
Checking this button will freeze the sound. Thanks to Tim Blechman for
the idea.
-Fixed looping which wasn't turned off if using a different sampling rate.
-Added "make install" and "make uninstall"
-Fixed animation bug. (should allways be shown now)
-Fixed a couple of more int->uint32 time variable cases. Hopefully, the
animation stuff shouldn't stall the machine anymore.

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