[linux-audio-announce] ANN: Canorus 0.2.5 is out

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Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 - 1:50 am

Canorus development team is happy to announce the new release of Canorus
- a free cross-platform music score editor, version 0.2.5. The release
took lots of effort from core developers, various contributors, testers
and translators. This release mostly brought huge under the hood
changes. Among others, the most notible features are the new GUI and
LilyPond support.

Finally we would like to mention a close-related project to Canorus,
Harmonia (http://harmonia.berlios.de). A project aimed at harmony
analysis which works as a Canorus plugin.

Changes summary:
- New Doxygen documentation.
- Initial work on MacOSX port.
- Improved function marking rendering
- Scripting engine now offers integration with Canorus menu, import/export
dialogs and keyboard and mouse events.
- New completely XML CanorusML format.
- LilyPond document export support.
- LilyPond voice import/export support.
- Rewritten GUI. Now supports multiple main windows. Added lots of icons.
- Translations support. Current translations: English, Slovenian.
- Majority of the code rewritten so we have a more robust foundation now for
future development.
- Lots of warnings, crashes, bugfixes and memory leaks fixed in MIDI,
GUI and
Scripting engine.


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