[linux-audio-announce] [ann] pnpd/nova-0.00.3 released

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To: linux-audio-announce <linux-audio-announce@...>
Date: Monday, March 19, 2007 - 8:40 am

hi all ...

(sorry for crossposting)

i just did a new release of nova, the software formally known as pnpd.=20
nova is a new computer music system, with a dataflow syntax. a short
introduction can be found in my paper for the linux audio conference:

the major improvement over pnpd-0.00.2 is a working prototype of a
graphical patcher written ...

it can be downloaded from:

for questions, comments, complaints, bug reports or similar, please
contact me via the nova mailing list:=20

cheers ... tim

tim@klingt.org ICQ: 96771783

A paranoid is a man who knows a little of what's going on.
William S. Burroughs

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