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Date: Sunday, February 4, 2007 - 9:02 pm

The authors are proud to announce the release of Aqualung 0.9beta7.

Aqualung is an advanced music player originally targeted at GNU/Linux,
today also running on other operating systems such as FreeBSD and
MS Windows. We are striving to create one of the finest music players
available, with respect to sound quality, stability, features and
ease of use.

This release is the latest in a series of beta releases on our way to
the future stable release of Aqualung 1.0. It adds significant new
functionality as well as important bugfixes.

The ChangeLog for this release is listed below.

Homepage: http://aqualung.sf.net


2007-02-05 Tom Szilagyi

* Aqualung 0.9beta7

This release introduces important new features and bugfixes.
Main reasons for upgrading:

* CD Audio support, complete with CDDB, CD-Text, etc. You can play
Audio CDs directly, or rip them to WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis or MP3
(CBR/VBR, gapless via LAME) complete with tagging, on the fly.

* Revamped Music Store Builder: better operation, greater flexibility.

* Support FFmpeg library enabling the recognition of numerous formats
e.g. AC3, AAC, WMA, WavPack, and the soundtrack of many video files.

* Replaygain support for APEv2 tags.

* Ability to set looping range when looping a single file. Should be
useful for people playing along a recording, trying to learn phrases
of a song.

* Adding music to the playlist is now a non-blocking, interruptible
background operation.

* Drag-and-drop files from external sources (Nautilus, Konqueror, etc)
into the Aqualung playlist.

* Several critical memory leak fixes.

* Numerous GUI refinements; fixed some rare bugs in engine, too.

* Support for building against the new FLAC 1.1.3 API.

* Aqualung operates correctly on bigendian systems (32 and 64 bit).

* Running natively on MS Windows. A port of TAP-plugins is included
in the installer. See http://aqualung.sf.net/win32 for more.


All of these are optional; Aqualung will build without them,
disabling the functionality they provide.

* libcdio >= 0.76 is required for CD audio support.

* libvorbisenc for ripping into Ogg Vorbis.

* libmp3lame for ripping into MP3.

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