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Date: Friday, February 23, 2007 - 6:34 pm

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xjadeo-0.4.0 - X Jack Video Monitor

http://xjadeo.sourceforge.net/ - Xjadeo is a simple movie player that
synchronizes video to an external time source such as jack transport or MTC.

There has been little [direct] feedback, since rc3 so we assume
xjadeo-0.4 to work as intended! - on the contrary: xjadeo has been
included in the PlanetCCRMA (~Luis yells~: Yippie!) and managed to sneak
into more gnu/Linux distributions of which we start to loose track. - a
mighty thanks to all the packagers, patient users and contributors out

ChangeLog: (since 0.4.0-rc3)
* tested and fixed xjadeo on osX-10.4.8 + latest ffmpeg svn
* French Translation for qjadeo - merci, Rapha´┐Żl
* fixed seg-fault if video size is < 120x80 pixels - thanks .pltk.
* added jack_activate() -> xjadeo gets jack-shutdown() callbacks if any
* documentation / website updates are in the queue.

Alas, we also have to announce that we will discontinue the maintenance
of qjadeo due to lack of time (Luis) and interest (Robin). Further
xjadeo development will branch (xj5-dev), but the remote ctrl. (used by
qjadeo interface) will remain backwards compatible. - We're happy if
someone want to join in or take over qjadeo development and maintenance.

luisgarrido /at/ users /dot/ sourceforge /dot/ net
robin /at/ gareus /dot/ org

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