[linux-audio-announce] MMA 1.0-RC1 Released

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Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 - 11:48 pm

Version 1.0-RC1 of MMA - Musical MIDI Accompaniment - is now
available for downloading. Included in this release:

Chord generation enhancements: Inversion notation.

MIDI: MidiInc: new options; MIDISPLIT for output tracks;
MIDITNAME to name MIDI tracks; MIDIMARK sets markers.

Useability: SeqRndWeight (for balancing SEQRND selection);
RNDSET for selections; changed PAN -> MIDIPAN,
New library creation section in tutorial.

This really is a version 1 release candidate. Please let me know
if anything is broken before we release the real 1.0!

MMA is a accompaniment generator -- it creates midi tracks
for a soloist to perform with. User supplied files contain
pattern selections, chords, and MMA directives. For full details
please visit:




If you have any questions or comments, please send them
to: bvdp@xplornet.com

Bob van der Poel ** Wynndel, British Columbia, CANADA **
EMAIL: bvdp@xplornet.com
WWW: http://users.xplornet.com/~bvdp

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