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Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2006 - 4:38 pm

This is to announce the long-awaited bugfix release of the SWH LADSPA
plugins package.


Major changes:
Fast Lookahead Limiter - fix an audible buf that caused the
limiter to "pump" when it shouldn't. This plugin is used by Jamin,
so all Jamin users should upgrade. Many thanks are due to Sampo
Savolainen for identifying the problem and working out the fix.

All IIR filters - denomral fixes from Tim Blechmann.

SVF filter - possible denormal improvements.

Crossover distortion - added patch from Tim Blechmann that fixes
a NaN-related bug.

Build system - patch from Anand Kumria to fix build options on
x86_64 and popwerpc64

Now includes that code that should let some of the plugins be
built on Windows. OSX building is possible with some hacking to
the auto* scripts.

Hopefully this will be the last LADSPA flavoured release of these plugins
as they are now nearly all working in LV2. I will be concentrating any
further improvments on the LV2 versions, and only backporting major

- Steve

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