[linux-audio-announce] First beta release of the 64 Studio distribution

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Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2006 - 7:43 pm

64 Studio 0.9.0 'Toe Rag' release notes

64 Studio is developing a collection of native free software for digital
content creation on x86_64 hardware (that's AMD's 64-bit CPUs and
Intel's EM64T chips). It's based on the pure 64 port of Debian
GNU/Linux, but with a specialised package selection and lots of other

You can now download a 709MB DVD-R image for version 0.9.0 beta. This
will install Debian testing with X.org 7.0, the Gnome 2.14 desktop,
Linux kernel 2.6.17 with real-time pre-emption patches and a selection
of creative applications, covering audio and music, 2D and 3D graphics,
and publishing for the web and print. It also includes the internet and
office tools that a creative user is likely to need for their daily work.

Main download site:


US mirror:


The 709MB .iso image can be burned to DVD-R using the Nautilus DVD
burner in earlier alpha releases of 64 Studio (right click on the image
file after downloading it).

For more details on the project, please visit: http://64studio.com/

Bug reports and suggestions are very welcome - please post them to the
64studio-devel mailing list:


Known serious bugs in this release:

* The snd_seq module is not loaded automatically
(this causes errors with MIDI applications until the module is loaded
* Gnome-cups-add printer applet does not work properly
* After install, Synaptic will produce an error message until apt-get
update is run


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