[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] netjack-0.12 - Low Latency Network Audio Driver

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Date: Friday, July 14, 2006 - 2:20 pm


netjack-0.12 is released.

Netjack is a jack-driver which uses the network card. On the other end
of the network there is a normal jack-client.
So its possible, to share a single soundcard between several laptops.

This release finally handles the packet disordering UDP does.
Thus high channel counts can now be achieved. However a 24ch in/out
link over 100Mbit gave me a major "net xrun" storm on vanilla 2.6.15
kernel. At a roundtrip latency of 2.9ms that is. It was reliable with
16 channels gave me some "net xruns", which i could not hear though.

i expect this performance to increase when using an rt-kernel with the
network-irq set to rt-prio.

So please report back.

Additionally to the audio transport, netjack provides sample accurate
transport syncronisation. The roundtrip latency is compensated for.

get it while its hot at:

there is no link on http://netjack.sf.net because the project shell
servers are down.

torben Hohn
http://galan.sourceforge.net -- The graphical Audio language

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