[linux-audio-announce] LoopDub version 0.2 released

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Date: Saturday, July 1, 2006 - 8:46 pm

LoopDub is a cross-platform software for live loop manipulation.

Currently Linux is mainly supported, though Windows and OS X can
compile it with a little work. (Hopefully this will be streamlined by
the next version.)

It has been far too long that the CVS has had more features than the
release version, so without further ado...

Changes in this version include:

- Program-change for MIDI (see programs.ini.example)
- Load "background samples" that can be switched quickly
Currently only supported by program-change functionality.
- "Switch" button to change to background sample
- Compiles, with a little work, on Windows and OS X in addition to Linux
- Remembers MIDI settings in ~/.loopdub.midi.conf
See "loopdub.midi.conf.example" for details.
- Logarithmic sliders! So much better. (Applies to Cutoff & Resonance)
- Clicking a folder now sets all filebrowsers to same folder.

For more info and download, see:

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