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Date: Friday, June 30, 2006 - 9:53 am

Aqualung: Music Player for GNU/Linux


Release 0.9beta5

It is our greatest pleasure to announce the fifth official beta
release of Aqualung. Some features you'd rarely stumble upon in
other players (at least not too many of them at once):

* Gapless playback (designed for this from the ground up)
* High quality decoders (eg. libMAD for mp3), many supported formats
* High-quality sample rate conversion support via libsamplerate
* LADSPA support
* Music Store for organizing your music
* And much, much more...

We hope you will enjoy this release. The release ChangeLog follows below.

2006-06-30 Tom Szilagyi

* Aqualung 0.9beta5

This is a new milestone release after 17 months of silent
development. Large parts of the program have been rewritten,
refactored, fixed, etc. A multitude of new features have been
added to the software, which now weighs into Open Source with
about 30,000 lines of GPL'ed source code, all written by a handful
of free-time developers (no, you won't need your whole hand).

It won't make too much sense to precisely list every change made
to the sources during this period - the list would be prohibitively
lengthy. For the curious, the mailing list archive is recommended.
The most important, high-level changes are summarized below.

* Group CDs in the Playlist via "Album mode". Shuffle between
records but play their contents in order!

* Statusbars in Playlist and Music Store display statistics and
other data.

* Multiple Music Stores are supported - useful for separate
genres, file formats or for music mounted from different file
servers via NFS.

* CDDB support!

* iFP driver support for integrating with iRiver HW players!

* Completely reworked Settings dialog, the new control center!

* Embed Playlist into Main window for a more compact look!

* Search facility for Music Store and Playlist.

* Add support for Musepack (via libmpcdec), Monkey's Audio, Ogg Speex.

* Rudimentary album art (cover display) support.

* RVA-related work, improved metadata support.

* Fixed a boatload of bugs concerning cyrillic filenames, etc.

* MP3 improvements (file recognition, clipping, seeking...)

* Better fault tolerance in Ogg Vorbis decoder.

* Various GUI fixes, new command line options, etc, etc.

* Improved build system for skins, icons, etc.

* New skins (Ocean, Plain), new Logo (see About box)! ;-)

* Better RT behaviour with Jack output.

* Compiles and runs on AMD64 (thanks to Mark Knecht for testing)!

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