[linux-audio-announce] LAC 2006 Live Streams

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Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 - 9:53 pm

hi *!

the linux audio conference 2006, which takes place at the zkm in
karlsruhe/germany from april 27 to april 30, will be streamed live for
your convenience, inspiration and enjoyment.

all presentations (which are listed on
http://lac.zkm.de/2006/program.shtml) are covered as ogg vorbis audio
streams in two bitrates (one for modem users and one for
slightly-more-broadband users) and ogg theora/vorbis a/v streams (for
broadband users only). to watch and/or listen, you can use a recent
version of mplayer, vlc or curl | theora123, if you prefer.

the stream urls are listed at
http://lac.zkm.de/2006/streaming.shtml. we will start test streams
tomorrow by 12:00 utc+2. as always, there will be chat channels to go
with the streams, where you can report problems, discuss the
presentations and also ask questions which will be relayed to the live
audience by the local chat operators here at zkm.
these channels are #lac2006 for general issues and chitchat, and
#lac2006-track1 and #lac2006-track2 for questions and remarks about the
current presentation, all on irc.freenode.net.

you will be able to download the presentation slides in advance to read
along as you listen and watch. the quality of the video streams will not
be sufficient to read the projections, but you should easily be able to
make out which slide is currently up.

on behalf of eric rzewnicki (who did most of the streaming work this
year) and the rest of the lac organizational team i wish you lots of fun
with the streams. kudos again to the icecast team, especially to karl
heyes, all the folks at xiph.org who brought us all those great free
multimedia codecs, and the crew here at zkm for their great support and



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