[linux-audio-announce] soniK 1.0beta2

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Date: Monday, April 24, 2006 - 9:51 pm

2006/04/24: soniK 1.0beta2

About soniK

soniK is an open source digital audio editor for Linux, using the KDE
platform. soniK allows you to record, edit and process sounds on your

soniK's main features include:
* Record & play audio using your computer's soundcard
* Visualise the audio as a waveform or a spectrogram
* Edit the audio and transform it with a wide variety of plugins
* Generate new sounds

For screenshots, downloads & more information see:


Getting soniK

soniK can be downloaded from http://sonik.sourceforge.net/download.html

Binary packages are available for Debian sarge, Kubuntu 5.10, Kubuntu 5.04 and
Fedora Core 4.

Release Information

This is the second beta release for soniK 1.0. Changes since beta 1 include:

* Fix builds with aRts, LADSPA & debug disabled
* Fix corruption during looped playback
* Fix corruption when playing using aRts plugin
* Fix time scale display corruption on ubuntu hoary / breezy
* Fix selection display corruption on ubuntu breezy
* Fix keyboard selection
* Merge LADSPA plugin package into main package
* Show channel names scale bar
* Create Plugin Development Kit headers
* Fix drawing bugs in spectral display
* Warn before overwriting file in 'Save As'

Please test it and report any problems or bugs using the tracker at
http://sonik.sourceforge.net . Also, please send any other feedback to

Rob Walker

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