[linux-audio-announce] Musix GNU+Linux 0.39 has been released!

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Date: Thursday, March 30, 2006 - 11:51 pm


Musix GNU+Linux 0.39 has been released!

This is a highly experimental version.

We've developed it with the intention of testing the latest versions of
many applications. 0.39 will probably run better in some systems than
previous versions of Musix. We really apreciatte bug and test reports!

=What's new in Musix 0.39=

* Rosegarden4 1.2.3 (Musix is the first distro to provide this version.
Thanks to Silvan and Rosegarden's Great Team!)
* Xorg 6.9 (Thank you Adrian P. for the adaption of it)
* 4 Kernels: (live-cd boot kernel) (live-cd boot kernel with realtime patch) (not live-cd bootable. must be installed to hdd.
2.6.13-1-multimedia (not live-cd bootable. must be installed to hdd.
* Some changes in the visual aspect:
* KDE 3.5.1
* All sources available at www.gnu.org
* eq-xmms-musix modified by Pardo (recommended)
* hundreds of updates software packages
* lots of bug fixes, and more.

= Known issues =

* Installation: After installation only kernels and 2.6.13 are
bootable. Once there the system should create the necesary stuff so it
is able to boot other kernels. If this does not happen, PLEASE report
* KDM (desktop manager) takes a lot to start.
* Possible SATA hdd incompatibility
* Kernel (with realtime) makes reading in low-memory (128mb
ram) systems to be really slow, becase it was not possible to compile
it with unionfs support, contrary to which has no
issues with this.

= Thanks and acknowledgements =

* To those who have been there always, and those who recently joined,
but I want to give a special one to Tapani Raikkonen who compiled the
live-cd kernels and taught me lots of things about it.

Marcos Guglielmetti
Director del desarrollo de Musix GNU+Linux
(www.musix.org.ar) (www.pc-musica.com.ar/musix)
Correo Yahoo!
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