[linux-audio-announce] LASH 0.5.1 released

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Date: Monday, March 27, 2006 - 4:22 am

The LASH Audio Session Handler 0.5.1 is out.

LASH is a session management system for GNU/Linux audio
applications. It allows you to save and restore a complex
setup of many applications connected together (via Jack and
Alsa sequencer) with a single click of a button.

Changes since 0.5.0:

- Automatic server launching (similar to Jack, export

- Numerous bugfixes (notably saving over existing project
directories and duplicate clients in the Lash Panel)

- Usability fixes to Lash Panel (notably the save dialog
now makes sense)

Upgrading is highly recommended.

Rumour has it the next releases of MusE and Seq24 will have
LASH support, and preliminary work on Ardour has begun.
Feel free to contact me about adding support to your app
(it's usually very simple).

More information, downloads, etc. available at:




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