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Date: Monday, December 11, 2006 - 4:51 pm

(small image attached)

After several months without a stable release but lots of development
activity, we are pleased to announce CLAM 0.95

CLAM (http://clam.iua.upf.edu) is a C++ framework for doing research and
app development in audio and music. It comes with a set of applications

Most important in this release is NetworkEditor 0.4, with a radically
reworked UI based on Qt4.2, lots of work on stability and usability, and
new visual-prototyping features.

You can visually prototype standalone apps (or audio plugins):
Edit audio networks with NetworkEditor, then edit its UI using Qt Designer
and CLAM widgets plugins. Finally, Prototyper let you run the audio network
with its UI.

This is better shown in this quick tutorial:


This release comes with many new processings, mostly spectral
But we want to highlight the tonal-analysis which does chords identification
at real-time, and its related visualizations. This code is based on the
work done by researchers at Queen Mary University (London) and Universitat
Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). More credits are in the About box.

These and many other improvements can be found in the ChangeLog:


This release brings new packages for Linux (Debian sid, Ubuntu edgy) and
Windows installers.

In Linux, you can simply add new sources to /etc/apt/sources.list
deb http://clam.iua.upf.edu/download/linux-debian-sid ./
deb http://clam.iua.upf.edu/download/linux-ubuntu-edgly ./

Both Linux and Windows comes with desktop integration and several examples
ready to use. Mac OSX packages will be catching up next weeks.

Bug reports and any feedback is very welcomed (and needed).

The CLAM team

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