[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] Snd-ls V0.9.7.12 and jack_capture V0.3.9

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Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2006 - 8:27 am

Snd-ls v0.9.7.7
Snd-ls is a distribution of Bill Schottstaedt's sound editor SND.
Its target is people that don't know scheme very well, and don't want
to spend too much time configuring Snd. It can also serve
as a quick introduction to Snd and how it can be set up.

Changes ->
-Fixed listener.
-Removed various debug printing.
-added --without-builtin-gtkrc configuration option.
-Downgraded Snd from 8.4/26.9 back to 8.4/12.9 again. That upgrade was a
mindless mistake.
-Copied all files from my private snd three into snd-ls. Hopefully, this
should make everything work again.
-Added fix to make jackdmp work with standard installation of guile.
-Don't quit snd-ls in case file can't be opened during startup. Bug
reported by Dragan Noveski.
-Disable FAM for now, because it fails for no reason during startup.
Problem reported by Dragan Noveski.

Download from http://www.notam02.no/arkiv/src/snd/

jack_capture v0.3.9
jack_capture is a program for recording soundfiles with jack. Its default
operation is to capture whatever sound is going out to your speakers into
a file. This is the program I always wanted to have for jack, but no
one made. So here it is.

Changes 0.3.8 -> 0.3.9:
*Changed the -rt option name to -d, to be compatible with jackrec.
*Do not stop recording in case of disk errors.
*Replaced deprecated libsndfile functions.
*Added the --format/-f option. ("jack_capture -f flac", nice :-) )
(adding "-f w64" solves the 4GB limitation of wav files)

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