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Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2006 - 7:12 pm

The developers are pleased to announce the latest release of
Aqualung, a music player for GNU/Linux.

Website: http://aqualung.sf.net

Without further ado, the ChangeLog is attached below.


2006-10-03 Tom Szilagyi

Aqualung 0.9beta6

This release introduces a fair number of substantial improvements:

* Music Store builder: automatically build a Music Store by scanning the
files on disk. Perform CDDB lookups & extract metadata on the fly.

* MPEG decoder enhancements: robust file recognition, VBR and UBR file
support, frame-accurate seeking, true gapless playback via eliminating
encoder padding+delay read from LAME headers.

* Fully revamped metadata support using TagLib. The result is a more
complete implementation also supporting APE tags in Musepack files.

* Automatic output driver detection: ability to startup without command
line arguments (using default driver parameters).

* Systray (a.k.a. Notification Area) support.

* Handling of compressed MOD files (.gz and .bz2).

* Resolved issue with JACK memory locking (which previously resulted in
runaway memory consumption when running with realtime JACK output).

* Aqualung compiles & runs under FreeBSD and Cygwin.


* TagLib >= 1.4 is now required for metadata support.

* GTK+ >= 2.10 is needed for the (optional) Systray support.


* libid3tag library is not required anymore (succeeded by TagLib).

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