[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] liblo 0.23

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To: OSC dev. mailing list <osc_dev@...>, linux-audio-announce <linux-audio-announce@...>
Date: Friday, January 27, 2006 - 1:44 pm

Liblo, the Lite OSC library, is an implementation of the Open Sound
Control protocol for POSIX systems*. It is written in ANSI C99 and
released under the GNU General Public Licence. It is designed to make
developing OSC applictions as easy as possible.



* New Maintainer (me!)
* Fixed pthread resource leak, when stopping server
* IPv6 is now disabled by default
* Fixed bug where sockets weren't closed when replying to messages
* Split off resolve_address into seperate create_socket function
* Only creates new sockets when needed
* Added lo_send_from, lo_send_message_from and lo_send_bundle_from

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