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Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 - 12:52 pm

Hello all,

Linuxaudio.org has released its first compilation CD of music by artists
using libre software - Tux Power! Every single part of the CD was made
on Linux, including all the music, the mastering (with Jamin) and the
artwork (with Scribus).


Dave Griffiths - Latiaxis
Torben Hohn - Wo sind wir
Kai Vehmanen - Traaginen runnoja
Brian Redfern - Zusa
Frank Barknecht - Invitation to the Pure Data Trigger Gang Bang
The FSB's - Babylon
Eric Devost - RagReggae
Robert Jonnsson - Norma
RachelAPP - I want some sweets
X-11 - Can't put me down
Austin Acton - One Percent
Ryan Gallagher - Departure
Michal Seta - In a vacuum
Aaron Johnson - Planetscape
J.C. Wilson - 1 of 5
Joseph Sarlo - The Scent of Vanilla
Ivica Bukvic - SlipStream Scapes V: Lullaby

Full preview versions of the tracks in Ogg Vorbis format are available
to download from:


You can also download a tarball containing all the Vorbis files and a
readme file with details of the software used by the artists featured on
the compilation:


If you would like to distribute this CD, a full set of WAV files and a
PDF of insert artwork are available on request. Offers of mirrors would
be very welcome.


Daniel James

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