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Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 - 9:07 pm

Download from

Snd-ls is a distribution of the sound editor Snd. Its target is
people that don't know scheme very well, and don't want
to spend too much time configuring Snd. It can also serve
as a quick introduction to Snd and how it can be set up.

******* ->
-Upgraded SND to V7.15 from 17.8.2005. Many important changes.
-Various improvements in the user-interface.
-Upgraded snd to V7.15 from 12.8.2005. Many important changes.
-Various other things.
-Upgraded various rt-stuff.
-Upgraded various rt-stuff++
-Removed jack_set_server_dir guile-binding from rt-engine.scm, because its
removed from the newer versions of jack.


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