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Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 - 11:48 am

liboscqs is a library to provide a Query System and Service Discovery for
applications using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol [1]. The initial
proposal for the OSC Query System was provided by Andrew W. Schmeder and
Matthew Wright in July 2004 [2]. The next paragraph has their abstract:

A Query System is proposed for inter-application control scenarios. The
queries enable namespace exploration, documentation, type-signature,
return-type-signature and parameter constraint specification, current-value
polling, identification of common interpretation maps via osc-schema, and
error reporting.

See [2] for the full paper describing their proposal. This project is the
result [3] of the various discussions that followed, but remains very close
to the original proposal.

Besides a Query System, this library provides Service Discovery. This allows
applications to annouce their presence locally and on a whole computer network.

For more information, source tarballs, RPM packages, and Debian packages please
see the homepage at:

- Martin

- liboscqs uses liblo [4] as an OSC server. Thanks Steve!
- The liboscqs source uses the scons [5] build tool
- liboscqs supports Service Discovery using either Howl or Spread
- liboscqs has only tested on Linux so far, but the intent is to support all
POSIX systems.
- liboscqs is FSH 2.3 compliant.

[1] http://www.cnmat.berkeley.edu/OpenSoundControl/
[2] http://www.opensoundcontrol.org/papers/query_system/
[3] http://liboscqs.sourceforge.net/schema/OSCQS-schema-0.0.1.pdf
[4] http://plugin.org.uk/liblo/
[5] http://www.scons.org/

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