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Date: Friday, July 29, 2005 - 2:37 pm


E-radium is Radium and a special version of E-UAE.
Radium is a midi music editor for the amiga and E-Uae is an amiga

0.61c -> 0.6d:
-Increased amount of Z3-memory from 32 to 64. Also increased the amount of
chip-mem from 2 to 8 to let there be more time to quit/save after getting
a warning about too little memory. For now, this seems to work...
-Lowered the keyboard repeat rate a bit.
-Fixed make install
-Use standard mouse pointer.
-Upgraded Radium from 0.61c to 0.61d:
-Added scroll-mouse support. Scrolling up is exactly the same as pressing
arrow up, and scrolling down is exactly the same as pressing arrow down.

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